Before we get to the rats, let’s talk books.

While we obviously alluded to the story in the video, we decided that the story of the Pied Piper is best told and explained by a parent. If you’d like to add this classic to your fairy tale shelf, we’ve picked out a couple of nice ones in our Amazon shop, including a fun flip up book.


We featured Hamelin, Germany, in our video, Mr. Toodledoodle Meets the Pied Piper of Hamelin, because we think it’s an awesome place for families to visit.

Reb had visited back in 2010 and always dreamed of going back to film a Pancake Manor video. We are so proud to have made that a reality this year!

Hamelin (spelled “Hameln” locally) is located right on the German Fairy Tale Route. If you have a chance to visit Germany with children, the Fairy Tale Route is an absolute must! Not only is it littered with storybook villages and dreamy castles, you might even meet Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood!

Check out all the magical stops along the route:

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Hamelin itself is the perfect size for tackling as a family. It’s big enough that there’s plenty going on – especially during the summer months – but the old town area has a friendly, manageable feel. It really is like immersing yourself in a fairy tale.

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As shown in the video, there is a lot of focus on the Pied Piper and rats. They’ve totally embraced the rodents, which is super fun!

Here are some of the things you can do with children in Hamelin…

Hamelin hameln Germany Pied Piper Rattenfanger glockenspiel rats clock

Watch as the animated Glockenspiel retells the story of the Piper.

Enjoy a free play featuring the Piper, townspeople, children and rats every Sunday, from mid-May to mid-September.

Visit the Hamelin Museum, just like Mr. Toodledoodle did!

eiscafe ice cream sundae germany hamelin

Eat glorious ice cream. Because Germany has a reputation for meat and bread, it may come as a surprise that this country has unbelievable ice cream cafés (eiscafes), usually with outdoor seating for prime people watching. Good luck not having an elaborate sundae EVERY. SINGLE. DAY of your trip. Seriously. Italy may have gelato but Germany has turned ice cream into edible sculpture.

And of course you’re probably craving a nibble of rat bread. We got ours at the fantastic Metzger Backerei in Hamelin.

flotte weser pancake manor hamelin pied piper boat ride river germanyTake a relaxing boat ride along the Weser River (as seen in the video). Drinks and treats are served on board (we had a yummy German apple cake)!

pancake house pfannekuchen hamelin restaurant

Dine at one of Hamelin’s cute restaurants. Our favourites were the Rattenfängerhaus (all Pied Piper themed) and Pfannekuchen, where they serve 40 types of pancake (sweet and savoury) in an atmospheric 350-year-old half timbered house.

hotel la principessa hamelin hameln germany fairy tale route hotel

While shooting the video, we stayed at Hotel La Principessa, also located in a very old black and white timbered building. Did you know that almost all hotels in Germany serve a killer breakfast included in your room price? They don’t scrimp, either. There’s usually a buffet of muesli, yogurt, fruit, eggs, meat, cheese, etc, waiting for you at dawn. That really helps with ye olde food budget.

For more of what Hamelin has to offer the travelling family, please visit their tourism website.

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