Pancake Manor was created in the summer of 2011 and is based in Victoria, Canada. To date, we’ve had over 50 million views from around the world!

We are so grateful for all of our supportive fans.

Here is our channel trailer:

Billy Reid

Billy Reid and Zach and Reggie
Billy grew up in the ’80s with The Muppets, MAD Magazine, Saturday morning cartoons, and Return of the Jedi (just to be clear, his parents also had a hand in raising him).

He’s been creating original songs and videos online for over a decade. His first foray into YouTube was with his pop/comedy channel Very Tasteful. He also hosted the show “Exposure” on CBC television.

But with Pancake Manor, Billy has found his calling. It’s a series that allows him to celebrate everything he loved as a child: puppets, high energy music, silliness and a smattering of education. Billy writes and records all the original music, illustrates/animates and edits the Pancake Manor series. Is that ALL, you ask? Well, no: he performs both Zach and Reggie!

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Reb Stevenson

Reb Stevenson Pancake Manor
Reb also grew up in the ’80s, but she preferred to surround herself with She-Ra, Jem, The Neverending Story, Lik-M-Aid and Pogo Balls (actually, she never had a Pogo Ball but she wanted one sooooo badly).

She had a travel column in The Toronto Star and made videos for before joining Pancake Manor full time. She also keeps a blog called The Life Nostalgic.

Reb is a conceptual collaborator at Pancake Manor, the primary cinematographer, provides the voices for females and occasionally appears as “mama”.

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Ken MacIntyre

Ken MacIntyre Publicity Publicist Pancake Manor Videos for Kids

Ken did not grow up in the ’80s. Rather, his formative years were spent watching The Banana Splits, Get Smart and Planet of the Apes. He also collected all 488 Wacky Package stickers and owned more pairs of fashion-forward bell bottoms than he’d care to admit.

Having successfully promoted his family’s yard sales from the age of 8, you could say that Ken has always had a knack for marketing, so it’s no wonder he now runs a thriving public relations agency in Vancouver where his over 20 years of experience has included helping celebrity chefs, authors, musicians and Oscar® winning filmmakers establish themselves in the marketplace.

Ken recently joined the Pancake Manor team as their “go to guy” for all things PR.

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