Six-year-old Zach is curious, empathetic, and the voice of reason when he’s playing with his brother Reggie. He’s the lead singer of Pancake Manor’s tunes, too!


Lulu is the girl next door. She’s jealous of the antics at Pancake Manor so she tends to make an entrance through the doggy door at least once a day. Lulu is a know-it-all but is also sensitive and emotive. She rocks a puffy tutu…but isn’t afraid to get it muddy!

Pancake Manor is family entertainment, brought to you by a real-life family!

Billy Reid and Reb Stevenson have been producing Pancake Manor together since 2011. Based in Victoria, Canada, they write and record all of the music, film, edit, illustrate and wrangle the talent (usually themselves or their dog, Whimsy). Pancake Manor has released 9 albums and 3 EPs through UK-based Moonbug Entertainment(CocoMelon, Blippi). On YouTube, Pancake Manor has surpassed 2 billion views.

In 2018 Billy and Reb released their favourite project to date: their daughter Rose.

Billy Reid

Billy has been creating original songs and videos online for most of his career. His first foray into YouTube was with his pop/comedy channel Very Tasteful, where he collaborated with many popular early YouTube stars. He also hosted the show “Exposure” on CBC television.
With Pancake Manor, Billy found his calling. It’s a series that allows him to celebrate everything he loved as a child: puppets, high energy music, voices, silliness, and a smattering of education.
Billy is currently repped by PLAY Management’s voice division.


A fan favourite, younger brother Reggie is a little off-the-wall and quick to make silly jokes in the hopes of making kids giggle. He’s full of energy, a tad dramatic and absolutely loves the word “kiwi.”


The Dragon Mailbox with a questionable french accent, Jimbo is anchored firmly to the ground but seems to spew endless tales about world travel.



Reb Stevenson

Reb hails from a family of musicians and singers, so doing ironic dances for Pancake Manor is a natural fit. However, she started her career as a journalist and photographer, working at The Ottawa Citizen, The Vancouver Sun and penning her own travel column for The Toronto Star. She now applies her writing skills to a talking dragon mailbox and does most of the direction and cinematography for Pancake Manor. Reb is an avid traveller and is especially fond of the UK and its enchanting footpaths.